How To Make The Quarantine Punch

Today we’re going to show you how to make the quarantine punch, a fun little experiment made up by one of our viewers. This is no April Fools joke, this is just sweet up in your grill. Also, no…NOT for kids 🙂

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The Quarantine Punch
– 1 oz Malibu
– 1 oz Banana liqueur
– 1 oz Southern Comfort
– 1 oz dark rum
– 6 oz fruit punch

The Quarantine is definitely on the sweet side, it has zero sour components. So, you can expect not to want to drink too many of these or the hangover will be real. The amount of sugar, the hidden alcohol and such will make this easy to drink and hard to remember.

This is a drink when you have no place go to, it’s not designed to be a cocktail it’s designed to be something to sip on while you sit in quarantine — great to polish off some of your old spirits.

Also, unlike what Ian said, while it may be easy tasting and make you remember your childhood…this sucker isn’t for kids. But, you’ll feel like it is!

0:00 Introduction
0:48 The recipe breakdown
1:29 Matthew Hill love for being a supporter
2:43 Explanation of why we’re not drunk, and just silly
3:30 Money shot
4:02 Tasting notes
5:25 The hidden taste, NOT for kids
6:10 Dan realizes we film for future, not in the past.

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Drink Responsibly.


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