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Winter Cocktail Recipes for Chilly Nights & Warm Hearts

Winter Cocktails come in many forms: hot cocktails, potent cocktails and seasonal spices. The best winter cocktails are those that bring back memories of seasons gone by and great times. Of course, the most highly searched winter cocktail is that of the spiked eggnog. Dale Degroff’s Uncle Angelo created a fantastic work of art with this homemade eggnog recipe with bourbon and rum.

Potent cocktails are also big on the list, those cocktails have a higher proof of spirit or more spirit than your average drink. They are often cut with far less juice, just enough to provide a counter balance to some of the sweeter flavors. We don’t roast in the heat during the winter so heavy juice forward pool side drinks are shuffled off for the season. Think big bourbons, tasty gins and strong martini style designs.

Hot Toddies are huge during the winter because nobody wants to drink a hot beverage during the warmer months. The hot toddy can loaded with unique spices as well, like the chamomile hot toddy. No matter what you’re choice, cocktails are a must to get through those cold winter nights!

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