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The Essential Bar Tools for Cocktails, Course I

Lesson 1: Essential Bar Tools – Playlist (9 videos)

The easiest way to create a new cocktail enthusiast is through understanding and removing the intimidation that the bar scene has created. We created our Essential Bar Tools course to allow new want-to-be home bartenders to get a leg up on the education. While many tools seem “common sense”, it’s never a good idea to assume.

When you understand your basic bar tools you land on the right path to creating better craft cocktails at home. It does not take a genius or twenty years of experience behind a bar to create a fantastic cocktail. You want to save money? The best way to save money is to party at home with your friends. Why pay $12+ for a craft cocktail (or even a crappy cocktail) when you can spend a quarter of that building them for friends and family.

Sure, you gotta put in some of the work, but that education pays off as you realize the world of cocktail recipes you just began to explore! Pickup a home bartender started kit from our online cocktail accessories store and start cocktail creating.

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