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Great Champagne Cocktail Recipes For Events and Celebrations

It’s true, Champagne Cocktails are great for New Years Eve as a way to celebrate without your average champagne in a glass. You’ll find most celebratory events call for champagne, so why not spice it up with a true champagne cocktail?

Of course there is “the” champagne cocktail, but the category is much broader and deeper than just cocktail bitters and champagne. You will find many fruit juices work with champagne (mimosa is a great example), but it can be something more of a 3 ingredient cocktail as well.

Utilize a champagne cocktail recipe for parties, weddings, the turn of a new year or just because you’re bored with basic champagne sipping. Here at Common Man Cocktails, we recommend a champagne that is mid-tier priced, don’t use a $40+ champagne to build cocktails or you’re going to hurt our inner child.

Also, checkout our Recipe Database for more great champagne cocktails to bookmark for your next party!

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