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Whiskey Cocktails

Our whiskey cocktails playlist covers plenty of great whiskey cocktails using everything from Canadian whisky to Scotch and Irish Whiskey. Of course, our whiskey cocktails playlist also includes Rye and Bourbon cocktails.

There are some great whiskey drinks fit for the winter season through the summer season. The great thing about brown spirits is their versatility and inclusion in all the seasons, especially winter. Every country produces a whiskey, it seems, and our playlist covers them all. If you’re curious about the differences in whiskey utilized in whiskey drinks, watch on because we’ve got all types of cocktails using all styles of whiskey.

Our personal preference? Something between bourbon and rye, depending on our mood.

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    Wilfrid Gray
    July 27, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    awesome cocktails! cant wait to try this myself!

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