Quality Absinthe Glasses, Style, Elegance and Grace

There are plenty of accessories to outfit the most enthusiastic absinthe drinker but which are the best for you? You don’t have to be an absinthe connoisseur to appreciate a good drinking vessel. I wanted to take a few minutes to point out three unique glassware products for drinking absinthe.

You may start by using any glass tumbler in your household and it will work just as any fancy absinthe glass. I’ve found that absinthe drinking, unlike a vodka or rum, feels more like a hobby than a simple spirit after work. There are three glass designs that are worth mentioning which I have found on AbsintheOnTheNet and many more would be excellent buys, but one can’t have them all!

Xanax Online Overnight The first is known as the Pontarlier Reservoir Absinthe Glass, it is your standard fair absinthe glass that you may see in product shots and in the cabinets of many absinthe enthusiasts. This glass style costs USD $16.99, which is a competitive cost; not too unlike other products of equal specialization such as a whisky/brandy snifter. The shape is very specific to absinthe, as the base holds exactly 30ml (or approximately 1-ounce) of liquid, the shape than molds itself outwards into a typical glass mouth.

Buy Xanax 3Mg Online The base of the Pontarlier makes it easy for absinthe drinkers to pour their 1-ounce measure and drip 2-4 ounces of water into the glass using an Absinthe Fountain. A normal glass tumbler will require a measuring cup to exact the right pour, which is important for a nice consistent louche.

bubble_absinthe_reservoir Premium Bubble Reservoir

Let’s now move up the food chain to the Premium Bubble Reservoir and see what this has to offer. Besides being made of a lab grade borosilicate glass, which is cool upon itself, the clear glass tumbler allows you to see the exact quality of your absinthe. There are no ornamental lines or designs to distract from the contents within the glass, this is a great glass to inspect your product closely. The bottom of the glass has a very exaggerated bulb to measure out your 1-ounce of absinthe, almost as if the glass doubles as a measuring glass and absinthe vessel. This quality absinthe glass is a bit more costly than the Pontarlier at the price of USD $31.99.

Premium Verre Torsadee Reservoir

The final product which I enjoy the most, and has been a hit at recent cocktail parties: the Premium Verre Torsadee Reservoir. This hand blown stylish glass remains crystal clear yet contains very delicate twists and holds up to bumps and temperature changes using the lab grade borosilicate glass–did I mention it’s as light as a feather? The Verre Torsadee costs USD $38.99 and maintains a sense of high class elegance with gold trim and all the fixings.

Best Place To Buy Xanax Uk Which style of glass is best for you? I consider it an investment to buy a series of glasses that are all the same style. In that case, you must consider how many you plan to buy as four Pontarlier glasses aren’t such a bad deal, but you willing to shell out USD $156 for four Verre Torsadee glasses? Of course, if you’re the only absinthe drinker in the house, as I am, the cost is much easier to consider. You can always buy a couple Pontarlier glasses for the guests (be polite, give them the fancy ones, you take the Pontarlier!)

Xanax Buy Online India I would suggest new absinthe drinkers purchase a few starter glasses like the Pontarlier and if you find that you keep up the spirit drinking experience, you can upgrade to new fancier glasses later or ask for them as a holiday/birthday gift. My goal is to show you some of the different qualities and selections on the market so that you can make your own informed decisions. Now go out there and start celebrating the rebirth of absinthe!

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  • Reply
    Steve A.
    September 29, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Alprazolam Uk Buy I have two Pontarlier Reservoir glasses in my cabinet right now. When my wife and I were in Paris last summer, we bought two bottles of absinthe to bring home with us. I refused to open them until I at least had the proper glassware for them, so she bought me a pair of Pontarliers for Christmas. Great price, but you get what you pay for; one of them has quite a few air bubbles in the glass, and there’s a noticeable seam where they joined the molds.

    • Reply
      Derrick Schommer
      September 29, 2009 at 9:56 am

      Yes, the standard fair Pontarlier’s definitely have seems showing their automated manufacturing process. They’re about the equivalent of what you may get at a store like Kohls, JC Penny or the like, in their glassware department. Low cost easily manufactured products.

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