High Quality Absinthe Fountain Review

RozFeeEven during harsh economic times we find ways to treat ourselves and grasp at small comforts that set our mind at ease. When it comes to Absinthe fountains, you can buy a low-cost alternative or lean towards something a bit more elegant and feature-rich. There is a time and place for cost-effective products but today we’re taking it a bit old-school and fancy with a high quality absinthe fountain. The Rozier Fee Fountain has a few key features that make it a must buy product for those looking for a quality absinthe fountain. The fountain is created from Borosilicate Glass which is used to make laboratory equipment and thus it has a very high resistance to temperature while maintaining a strong endurance to damage. In short, it’s not going to break like standard glassware will and it maintains an ultra-light weight profile–transporting this quality absinthe fountain feels much like carrying a pencil. When the fountain arrived in the mail I thought the product was stolen and gone but, once I opened the box, I found it well protected in its shipping padding. Amazing. Aside from the aesthetic qualities and fancy looks, the fountain contains some common sense style and grace. The fountains spouts are low, below the water-bowl, and thus allow all the water to flow fourth leaving the water base empty once all its contents have been used. You won’t need to lean the fountain to the side to force out any remaining water. The spouts themselves have excellent faucet controls which spin easily and allow for a very slow drip to a quick consistent pour. The faucets don’t stick at all which this is extremely important as a stuck faucet can lead to a “mobile fountain” as you force your way to twist the tiny handles. Costly glass fountains are not meant to be mobile and slide around the table as you try to force your way to unlock a faucet nob, not a problem with the Rozier Fee Fountain. In addition to containing the fine pouring abilities and low spouts, this quality absinthe fountain has four total faucets which allows you to pour absinthe for a a party of one to four people simultaneously. Hopefully you know at least four people! If you don’t know four people, show them your new fountain and you’ll make friends quickly (okay, that’s shallow, but you chuckled a bit, right?) The one minor flaw in the fountain, , if you’d consider it one, is its overall water capacity of 40 ounces. It holds enough to pour four glasses of absinthe easily (probably will pour eight total without a problem), other larger bowl fountains can pour many more glasses, some as much as 2-liters (67 ounces) at the sacrifice of looking a bit uglier or being a lot more expensive. The Rozier Fee Fountain, imported from Germany, costs $234.99 at and that price includes shipping insurance. Is this quality absinthe fountain worth the price? It depends on your dedication to absinthe drinking, if you’re a casual drinker that may use the fountain once every few months you may want to look for a cheaper alternative, like the $44 absinthe fountain we’ve already taken a look at earlier. If you’re falling in love with the absinthe lifestyle, I think it’s well worth investing in a quality absinthe fountain and some fancy 24k gold spoons. Drinking absinthe, for some folks, is a hobby of love and should be considered an investment in the future.

Quality absinthe costs a good deal of money, would you expect a quality fountain to be any less?

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