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Nick and Nora Glasses

Nick & Nora GlassesRecently I’ve had some of our Common Man Cocktail fans asking about Nick & Nora glasses and I’ve also seen some posts on REDDIT asking the same thing. So, being that I own a glass store and a cocktail show, perhaps bringing the two things together was a brilliant idea.

What the heck is a “Nick and Nora” glass anyway? The “Nick and Nora” glass was birth by its use in the film series “The Thin Man” in which the actors (who go by Nick and Nora Charles) work through a comedy/mystery drinking their way through romance and other old school movie drama. The glasses they used in these films had a distinct look to them (not like the martini’s or coupes that we see today) and have now become known as the “Nick and Nora” glasses, a 6 oz. wine glass design. So, technically, the film inspired the name of the glasses (the glasses didn’t have a name in the film aside from just being props used for drinking).

However, I found a few different designs to the Nick & Nora glass, some more fancy than others, some that looked like the original smaller wine glasses, others with a more flared lip that seemed to be a hybrid between the martini glass and the wine glass design. Call me boring, but a wine glass that’s just smaller than other wine glasses is a “meh” Nick & Nora glass design. Sure, it’s the original, but let’s bring that 1934 films to the 2015 era.

What I was searching for was something between the standard wider wine glass and the flare of a martini. The design we went with for our Nick & Nora glass has matches that of the original glass, with the etched “CMC” on the foot to denote it is our personal glass design!

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