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Frosted Collins Glass

Frosted Collins Glass

Many of our fans have asked where we got our rocks glasses (lowball) and collins glasses that we use on our show Common Man Cocktails. Besides having a nice link in our “Cocktail Accessories” drop-down (as seen above), we want to let you know AwesomeDrinks is our store of choice and they’ve got free shipping on orders USD $25.00 or more (US Customers Only).

They’re saying the Tiki Mug is the biggest hit in their store right now–these suckers are big too. The tiki mug comes out during parties at my house and blows people’s minds; it’s just not something most people expect when coming to a party I guess. Overall, the most sexy glass, the frosted collins glass, should be the top seller because it makes any regular cocktail look like you ordered it at a high end cocktail bar. When you build your cocktail in the frosted collins it doesn’t even need a garnish as the glass does it itself.

In any case, just wanted to give everyone a head’s up on the free shipping deal. I’ve rarely ever purchased anything on Awesome Drinks that doesn’t exceed the $25.00 requirement to get free shipping. I’m not sure about other people, but if I’m buying cocktail glasses I try to buy enough to handle a six-person party or more and sometimes find other stuff that is just too hard to pass up and, before you know it, you’ve got a large bill on your hands (hint hint, gift idea!!) Hopefully this helps bring down your costs!


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