Canadian Club Reserve 10-Year Review

cc-10-year-reserve0It’s time to drink a little Canadian whiskey and see what we think, this whiskey is aged for 10-years in white oak barrels and is supposed to give it a smooth flavor. Canadian Club Reserve is a finely selected blend of whiskey from Canadian Club and could work well as a sipping whiskey, let’s find out.

We’re drinking the Canadian Club on the rocks in an old-fashioned class. It pours to a beautiful thin copper color which reminds me of the pipes in my basement, when polished and cleaned of course! This whiskey smells light and smooth with an “oaky” vanilla nose which reminds me of a Scotch Whisky more than a Canadian, but we’ll trust the label!

At first taste, it’s obvious this whiskey has had some time in the barrel as the oak rounds out the alcohols (40% ABV) such that it barely numbs the tongue. There is a slight prickle on the front of the palate, suggesting it’s got a bit of sweetness to it and leaves absolutely zero sour tastes, something I’ve felt from a lower grade young whiskey.

I did find Canadian Club Reserve a bit thin, even for a 10-year old whiskey it was a bit watery. However, I’m not sure too many people would sit down and sip a bottle of 10-year old whiskey on the rocks. Although, for my palate, I find the Canadian Club 10 Year Reserve approachable on its own, a real whiskey snob will probably want to migrate to the 12-year classic or higher. The 12-year old classic as a thicker viscosity that’s more pleasing on the tongue but has more potency to it.

The taste is a thin slightly sweet vanilla with the roundness of fresh oak and a long finish that hints at vanilla bean. Overall, the whiskey fits its profile well, is structured like a well designed whiskey with all the stereotypical flavorings you’d expect to be offered in a $15.00 or less bottle. For the price, this is a great value; the taste is very approachable to a new whiskey drinker and will fit well in a cocktail calling for a whiskey.

If you’re looking for more complexity with a bit more punch, check out the Canadian Club Classic 12-Year.


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    Canadian Club Classic 12-Year Review | Everyday Drinkers
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