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Traffic Light Shooter Recipe [video]

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Miro Video Player This shooter is a great example of the pousse-cafe style, the layering is clean and clear. By the name of course, the Traffic Light, is a recipe that is designed to resemble that of a traffic light, even though the colors are a bit out of order There are a few recipes for the traffic light, some involve more juices to change which color rises to the top. We went for a recipe with good ingredients, nice taste and presentation all wrapped in one great bundle. That bundle is known as The Traffic Light Shooter.

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    December 28, 2009 at 11:57 am

    When we make this drink it is called a stop light, we make it with 3 seperate short glasses.. first glass one shot everyclear with a splash of cranberry. second glass one shot everclear with a splash of pineapple and thrid glass one shot everclear with a splash mindori….. stack the three glasses with red one top, then yellow, with green on bottom. taking them in that order..