Tres Generaciones Plata – Review

tres-generaciones-plataWe’re humbled to have a chance to try the Tres Generaciones brands, starting tonight with their Plata. The Plata/Blanco/White/Silver styles of tequila is one of the toughest to review because it stands naked ready to be put to the ultimate test. It’s difficult to mask any imperfections in a blanco style tequila, no long rests to smooth out its potent powers, this is tequila at its most vulnerable to criticism.

With that I pour Tres Generaciones Plata into my glass and hold it to the light: crystal clear. This might as well be water from the gods with its clarity. However, I’m not so sure the gods can create a water with such a beautiful aroma. In all seriousness, this is the scent of beauty and nature — only something greater than us could have developed the plant that birthed the aroma of this tequila.

The nose reminds me of the salt waters of a beautiful coastline, perhaps Hawaii or a tropical island of sorts. It comes alive with firm pineapples, sea salts, agave and notes of slightly sour candies? Subtle in candy with a strong yellow fruit-like structure floating in a deep blue brine. Sure, it’s only a vision when closing my eyes and letting my nose hover over the glass but half the expectations of a beautiful spirit is where it can take you mentally.

Our first sip continues the subtle fruit from the bouquet but follows it through with a smooth light and refreshing taste with great viscosity and thickness for such an un-aged tequila. There is a slight alcoholic tickle on the tip of the tongue and near the front edges as the liquid slides away to a finish that reminds me of the scent I grew to love only seconds ago.  The finish is fairly long, dry and fruity leaving you yearning for another sip.

A Plata isn’t typically something one will sip neat, but I can only imagine how smooth this Tres Generaciones Plata would be on the tongue if chilled. The subtle alcohols would dissipate and leave only the pineapple fruits, sea salts, cracked white pepper and what can only be explained as the nectar of agave. I’m a huge fan of Agave Nectar to sweeten my Margaritas and companies have begun to use Agave Nectar as an alternative to fake sugars and high fructose corn syrup. Imagine a 100% natural sweetness in your drink and you’re on the road to the finish of Tres Generaciones Plata. The beauty of agave is in its subtle sweet taste, only hinting at it, much unlike a honey which attacks your palate like an army of sweet candies.

Is it the smoothest white tequila I’ve had? No, both Cielo and Partida have a slightly thicker viscosity with a rounder more complex finish but you may find yourself paying USD $10.00 or more for that experience. Cielo offers a bit more on the sweet side of the finish while Partida is a shorter finish with more citrus than I’m getting from Tres Generaciones. However, I do not believe they can beat this brand in its beautiful nose, a telling sign to a great experience.

The Tequila market, in the United States, is an ever growing explosion of brands and you’ll be selecting from a huge shelf of contenders. The low-to-mid $40 tequilas are everywhere and you’ll have to choose wisely. I’m not sure there is a finer $45 bottle of tequila on the US market today, Tres Generaciones could easily contend with the $55+ brands and come out on top as each person palate is slightly different.

If you like a milder sweetness with a bit less vanilla but want a tequila that will send you exploring on a far off island, Tres Generaciones Plata will get you there. I challenge you to find me a better bottle of tequila at this price point, I’ll put my reputation on the line.

Of course, I’m not sure I have a reputation so there is very little to gain from the wager.

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    January 9, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! It was love at first sip!

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