El Diamante del Cielo Tequila Reposado Review

cielo-reposadoIt’s not a good week without at least one Tequila review, today I’m taking a look at the El Diamante del Cielo Reposado. I’ve already experienced Cielo Blanco and found it extremely warm and pleasant to my mouth so I’m raising my expectations for their Reposado.

Upon initial pour we were surprised to see such a rich gold tint. Many Reposado’s I have pour have been lightly “plated gold” in nature while Cielo doesn’t fool around in the color department, going for a very oak barrel coloring like something you’d see in a blended scotch whisky. This tequila looks venerable and ready to teach us a story.

The nose of this tequila even mimics that of a blended scotch whisky with its aged barrel scents and sweet burnt aromas. I get a bit of sea salt and jalapeño flavors in the bouquet, very interesting appeal. The only other “scotch whisky nose” I’ve experienced in a tequila was a El Tesoro Paradiso, which will run you roughly USD $200 a bottle. You can get similar nose from this $50.00 bottle of tequila, but I’m a much bigger fan of the Reposado tastes than that of a El Tesoro Paradisco which is a bit too wood barrel driven in flavor for my taste.

The tastes of the Cielo Reposado is extremely smooth and sweet with a stronger alcoholic burn and slight sour on the sides of my tongue. Do not confuse “sour” with “bitter” as there is no bitter flavors within the Cielo Reposado. The finish is light and spicy making me salivate for a peppery burrito with salsa or even a little bruschetta on thick french bread. I’m not getting nearly as much caramel flavors as I was with the Blanco but it may be due to all the other complex flavors bouncing around the palate making it harder to identify the sweeter dark caramels that are most likely going to be detected by some tasters.

I agree with the Beverage Tasting Institute, this is a strong 92-point Reposado. For my palate, I still find Cavalino’s Reposado a slightly better tequila, perhaps a 93-point over the Cielo 92-point rating. The Cavalino has a bit more depth and strength to its flavor profile along with a cheaper price tag, but is also much more difficult to find if you live outside of Texas.

El Diamante del Cielo Reposado is going to remain a huge challenger in the Tequila market. Thre is no doubt in my mind that Tequila drinkers, new and old, will respect this effort and yearn for another sip.


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