Relax, Schmitt Söhne Riesling

Relax, Schmitt Söhne RieslingIf you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive wine that can cool you down after a spicy dinner, hot day or just something to help you relax after a long day you want to checkout a Riesling from Schmitt Söhne. The name of the bottle? RELAX.

The bottle is a sexy blue and the wine is a perfect pale gold. The glorious contents are sweet to the taste, smooth and very German. The taste of apples, peaches and a hint of citrus will bombard your senses with each sip.

“Riesling wines are often consumed when young, when they make a fruity and aromatic wine which may have aromas of green or other apples, grapefruit, peach, honey, rose blossom or cut green grass, and usually a crisp taste due to the high acidity.” (wikipedia)

Riesling, of course, is a type of wine grape, a nice green wine grape. It’s an older grape with a heritage reaching far back in Germany.

“Riesling may be the best of all the white wine grapes. Its homeland is Germany, where it has been cultivated since the 1400s or earlier, and where it is made into wines that run the gamut from bone dry and crisp quaffers to the complex, unctuous nectars made from Botrytis-affected, shriveled berries, individually late-picked, and known by the moniker Trockenbeerenauslese.” (winepros.com)

Relax Riesling is a very refreshing beverage, slightly chilled, can definitely put you in a much better mood if you’re having a rough day. It’s sweet and goes down so easily you’ve got to be pretty careful, the 9.5% alcohol by volume can put you on the floor rather quickly if you don’t nurse it slowly.

I’ve yet to find a drink the Germans created that I can say I don’t like. I’m not an avid white wine drinker so it takes a lot to impress me and Relax Riesling by Schmitt Söhne is a “kühle” beverage for any season.

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    October 18, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    This Wine was great I love it,

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