Mai Tai Cocktail on a Budget – A $3.80 Mai Tai

Today we’ll show you how to make a Mai Tai which will cost you roughly $3.80 a drink if you build it the way we suggest. Here is the original recipe:

Orgeat Syrup (BG Reynolds):
Bartender Starter Kit:

The Mai Tai is a classic tiki recipe with a slight twist to make it cheaper at home, we’ve combined and reduced ingredients and kept just what was needed for your standard Mai Tai, which is still better than what you’ll get at most bars anyway for far less money (like 80% less).

The Mai Tai
2 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 oz Orgeat Syrup
1/2 oz Orange Curacao

You can play around with your orange curacao and reduce cost using a low cost triple sec at the expense of a bit more sweetness, but if that’s too sweet you can compensate with more lime (or less orange). Or use orange juice instead.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Recipe Breakdown
7:10 Crazy Garnish
8:20 Tasting

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