Flying Dog Takes Amateur Brewers Input

DoppelbockFlying Dog Brewery took some amateur brewers feedback and suggestions and built a new Dopplebock receipe. How does one go about opening the floodgates to suggestion? The Open Source Beer Project of course!

Flying Dog is a brewery doing things I’ve not seen done before as a tech-guy. Many companies want a presence on the Internet so they register a domain and post some information about their beers. Many sites are also done up in full flash where Flying Dog uses a much easier text-readible site to navigate and get information about their products and news.

With that, I’m not so surprised they opened up the suggestions to a new beer recipe. They then designed the recipe and called it Wild Dog Collaborators Doppelbock. After brewing the new recipe they ‘open source’ it and give the recipe back to the community. Now, everyone can taste Flying Dog’s version and take home the recipe to tweak the taste to what they think would be “better.” Brewers can then contribute the new recipe back to the community to continually make the best brew possible.

Master brewers make a life of brewing beer but those like Flying Dog realize that some of the best brews have been created at home as an experiment or home brew project. How many of todays popular brands of beer started as a small project by a select group of people in a back room kitchen? Probably most of them!

I respect them for their efforts to bring the community into the action and show people that big companies do remember the “small guys” after their success. There are few beer companies that go out of their way to bring the Internet into their business instead of just pinning up a flash site and telling people they make beer.

ABV: 8.3%
Plato: 19.5
IBU’s: 24
Specialty Malts: Munich “Type I” 2240 75,
Munich “Type II 550 19,
Cara-Munich 55 2, Cara-Amber 55 2, Melanoidin 55 2
Hops: Warrior, Mt. Hood
Process: www.OpenSourceBeerProject.com

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