G’Vine Gin Is For Everyone

G’Vine GinG’Vine Gin is by far the best gin I’ve ever tasted and will probably fit everyone’s pallet, everyone of legal age of course. Tanqueray is a perfectly fine gin for almost all occasions as is Bombay Sapphire but, personally, I am not a fan of either spirit.

I’ve never been a big fan of gin in general, it tastes like I’m chewing on an evergreen tree. This isn’t an accident, most gin brands are flavored with Juniper berries or something of the like and it gives the spirit the typical gin taste. After tasting G’Vine gin for the first time, my perspective on the alcohol known as “gin” has changed dramatically.

G’Vine is a French gin based out of the Cognac region and brings a new smoothness and taste to the distilled drink. Hold a G’Vine bottle up to your nose and you’re first thought will probably be perfume or cologne. At first I was a bit worried, imagining what it would be like to drink a cologne didn’t sound very appealing to me but the scent itself did.

The sexy bottle holds a clear liquid infused with a rare green grape flower which is harvested before it matures into grape berries. Most gin products are, at their core, distilled grain while G’Vine gin is a four-time distilled Ugni Blanc grape, also known as a Trebbiano. You may have heard of this grape as it’s used in Cognac and Armagnac brandies. This gin still includes the typical gin flavors ginger root, liquorice, green cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, juniper berries, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime but doesn’t taste like your drinking pine juice.

The use of the Ugni Blanc grape may be one of the reasons I can enjoy this gin over a traditional gin spirit. The gin is smooth, has a hint of a minty flavor and bombards your taste buds with a little floral explosion. You’re not going to find it too sweet or too dry, too strong or too weak; it’s a well balanced spirit that would go fine in many mixed cocktails.

One recipe G’Vine recommends is called the G’Mojito:

3 fresh mint springs
2 tsp sugar
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz. G’Vine Gin

Fill up with club soda, and serve.

I’m not sure if G’Vine will make a traditional gin drinkers mixed drink taste better or simply different. The smooth subtle tastes may lead you down the road to new inventive recipes instead of substituting G’Vine for your older gin brands in your favorite cocktail. Personally, I found it tastes great by itself.

I challenge you to find a better gin than G’Vine. The creator, Jean Sebastien created this fine spirit along with a few others and has a history and heritage of great wine makers and distillers. Growing up between Bordeaux and Cognac may do that to a youth as they’ll grow up to live, breath and design great beverages.

Price? As you’d expect, you’ll be paying a bit of a premium for G’Vine at a suggested retail price of $35.00 to $40.00 where you’ll be able to purchase most other gin bottles for $20.00 to $30.00, but it’s worth the additional cash. You can order it online at many great locations, for instance drinkupny.com.

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    January 6, 2008 at 12:09 am

    I’ve never tried G’Vine, I will have to look out for it. I do really like mojitos, so the G’Mojito appeals to me.

    Although, in regard your to challenge to find a better gin, you might want to check out 3Luxe’s (it’s a curated shopping site) rankings –


    It’s tough to get into their top three!

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