Health Concerns Inspire Higher Tax Rates

In an effort to protect consumers health…or make money, London, UK is considering the idea of raising taxes on higher alcohol content drinks. The idea is, if you tax higher alcohol drinks manufacturers would be more inclined to make lower alcohol drinks to provide a cheaper alternative (and thus more revenue).

Finance Minister Brian Cowen went on record saying, “I am giving notice now that I intend to bring forward measures in this area in my next Budget.” Now, that doesn’t mean anything will pass and become a regulation but it does mean it’s in the back of the governments minds.

I don’t know if I like this concept, although I understand where they’re coming from. I’m not a UK citizen but I feel for the UK folks in this situation because it sets a precedence going forward that I don’t care to think about. Perhaps it is because I think higher taxes on cigarettes are okay since I’m a non-smoker and hate the smell of smoke where I am not bothered by a person drinking beside me (unless they toss their cookies on my lap).

What is considered “high content” and can this affect lower content drinks in the future? Because, in reality, I can drink four low content drinks to get around a single high content drink, who is the government to tell me I’m being better to my body?

(source, channel4.com)


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