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What is a “shot” measurement? A shot is 30ml… or is it? The standards are different per country, or just assumed standards. See more 3 minute videos http://awesomedrinks.com/3

You’ll find the range of a “shot” is anywhere from 25ml or 30ml all the way up to 44ml or maybe even 60ml. While it seems silly to fixate on the total milliliters of a standard “shot” it will make a difference on your expectations if you order a shot of whiskey or something at a bar. Here in the United States that might be a 1.5 oz pour, but in the UK that’s going to be slightly less than 1 oz.

Where “shots” as measures really break down is when you are not measuring by ratio. Sure, it’s quite easy to measure a shot if your cocktail recipe is 2:1:1 but it gets much more difficult if you need a 3/4 oz measure with a 2 oz measure in the same cocktail. This is where jiggers really come into the picture, because they have more accurate measures.

0:00 Introduction
0:49 What is the standard?
1:31 Using “shots” for ratios
1:56 What is a standard “shot” around the globe?
2:14 why jiggers matter

Bottom line, don’t measure in shots if you’re working with more complicated cocktail recipes. But, if you just wanna add an ounce or so of vodka to some orange juice, go right ahead! Or, just pour straight from the bottle.

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