How to Measure with a Jigger | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

Today we’re going to show you how to measure with a jigger. If you’re looking to measure out cocktails, get yourself a quality jigger. See more tips at

Our favorite jigger is a Japanese jigger, over your standard cocktail jigger primarily because the width of the jigger is thinner on the Japanese jigger.

Our Jiggers:

Many jiggers have standard sizes with additional sizes within the bowl of the jigger. This multi-use tool means you can often take one jigger with you when heading to parties to make cocktails with a less chance of forgetting some of your tools.

If you’re going to be working in a low-light environment it may be best to get a japanese jigger that measures different sizes so you don’t have to seek around in the dark for some of the etched lines within the jigger.

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