The Wild Hibiscus in Champagne | New Years Eve Cocktail

Taking wild hibiscus flowers and champagne and creating a simple New Years Eve cocktail for all enjoyment. All you need is some champagne and wild hibiscus flowers in syrup

Let’s face it, everyone wants to end 2020 as soon as possible and for that we want simple, straight forward and easy cocktails. This drink brings us to the end of a really dreadful year and we want to make something easy that you can sip without a lot of trouble. Enter: wild hibiscus and champagne!

Wild Hibiscus in Champagne
– Wild Hibiscus Flower
– Splash of Wild Hibiscus Flower Syrup
– Top with Champagne

NYE cocktails need to be easy and ready to make this year, it’s time to be ready to make them. Also, if you’ve not got any wild hibiscus, grab a basic bottle of bitters and create a champagne cocktail:

French 75:
Disaronno Wears Cavalli Sour:
Champagne Cocktail:
Golden Cadillac:

0:00 Introduction
0:53 The Recipe breakdown
1:26 Champagne wishes and caviar dreams
1:50 Money Shot
2:26 Alternative to wild hibiscus flowers
3:46 What cocktails work with champagne?
4:20 Lord of the Rings references…again.
5:17 Dan is confused on club names and what you do there…
5:40 Derrick doesn’t know dry from sweet, so he needs more champagne.
6:40 Champagne drinkers vs. Champagne DRINKERS
9:33 Giving the love to Kyle Wood, Executive Producer
9:50 J and Kyle and big ass champagne
10:15 Giving the love to Chris Mura, executive producer (from last episode)
10:53 Ian gets wild and throws stuff

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