How To Make The Manhattan Drink Recipe

Today we’re gonna make the manhattan drink recipe, a classic cocktail design. Bookmark the recipe here

Cocktail Bitters for Whiskey:
Mixing Glasses:

The manhattan is an old cocktail, it’s got simplicity along with classic appeal. If you’re new to the Manhattan you may find this a bit potent, but those experienced drinkers will pickup the sweet notes and the vermouth-finish.

The Manhattan
– 2 oz bourbon or rye
– 1 oz sweet vermouth
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– 1 dash orange bitters

The story goes that this cocktail was invented at NYC’s Manhattan Club circa 1880. The drink, today, is pretty much identical (while the whiskey flavor profiles have no doubt changed in 100+ years). This has been in fashion, out of fashion, more times than bell bottoms.

This drink is listed as one of the six basic drinks by David A Embury in his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

During prohibition the Manhattan cocktail was primarily made with Canadian whiskey (because it could be smuggled and was available). So, if you wanna drink like a prohibitioner, substitute Canadian whiskey.

While it was said to be invented in 1880, there are other alternatives published around 1891…so yeah, you’ll still find some interpretations of the drink. But, the die-hard traditional one is “American Whiskey, Italian Vermouth, and Angostura bitters”.

0:00 Introduction
0:41 National Donut Day
0:53 The Recipe breakdown
2:20 Recipe Instructions and Chilling
4:00 Ian loves a manhattan
4:24 When it’s served wrong, get something else.
5:21 History of the manhattan
6:00 Use your favorite whiskey, it’s the focus
7:23 What are bourbon cocktail cherries
8:36 What are those things that fly up the side?

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