How To Make The Amaretto Sour

Today we’re going to show you how to make an amaretto sour cocktail recipe, which you can find in our cocktail search engine:

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The Amaretto Sour is a classic cocktail by name, but not exactly by recipe. Usually old cocktails are brought back to life as we unlock the tomb that contains their original recipe designs and share them with the world. In the case of the Amaretto sour, it was pretty much a sour mix with amaretto included, then it underwent some changes. We’re sure it originated with a pre-made sour mix (or maybe actual fresh squeezed fruit), than Morgenthaler came along and wanted to update the design.

Today, our favorite Amaretto Sour is the balance Morgenthaler came up with, so we continue to promote it. This version included whiskey, making it well fit for those fall days when you’re thinking you want some type of whiskey sour. One can image this as a whiskey sour alternative, as it contains much of the same stuff as a whiskey sour, but the accent piece is the amaretto instead of the cast strength whiskey. Want a fun recipe to play with that includes amaretto? This is it.

Amaretto Sour
1.5 oz Amaretto
0.75 oz Bourbon Whiskey (Cask Strength)
1.0 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 BarSpoon Simple Syrup
0.5 oz Egg White
1 Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

Video Index:
0:00 Introduction
1:08 The amaretto sour recipe
1:48 The instructions (and dry shake)
3:18 A bit about egg white drinks
3:55 Money shot (close up)
4:38 Origin of the amaretto sour
5:21 Why not re-define a pina colada?
7:51 Dan’s tasting notes for amaretto sour
9:36 Why does the amaretto sour have whiskey?
10:00 Matthew Mason, our executive producer love

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