Worlds Largest Flip Cup Tournament Updates

It’s almost time for the worlds largest flip cup tournament! As we’ve mentioned before, you can never say you’ve mastered all the skills in flip cup until you’ve won a tournament or at least seen where you stand amongst your drinking peers.

Now that the Olympics have been folded into the record books, it’s time to see what new gold records we can set for our country and beyond. Flip Cup Guys are on a mission to create the worlds largest flip cup tournament and you might just be needed to make it happen.

Press Release

The Flip Cup Guys Aim for the Record Books
Teams From 10 States & Canada To Take Part in Flippin’’ History

New York, NY – – There is a new pair of guys setting their sights on a World Record, and neither one goes by the name of Phelps. The Flip Cup Guys, based out of Hoboken, have steadily increased and expanded their empire to include tournaments in New York and Philadelphia. Based on the extreme popularity of the sport and tournaments, Flip Cup Guys plan to host the “World’s Largest Flip Cup Tournament” in New York City on October 11, 2008. The event will have 64 teams, which easily surpasses the current world record of 44 teams from a tournament in Baltimore.

Teams have already signed up from all over the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington D.C., Nevada, Louisiana, California, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Delaware. Even Canada will be represented!

The champions will win a VIP party package and seven night vacation stay in fabulous Negril, Jamaica, sponsored by Sun Splash Tours (www.sunsplashtours.com), where Flip Cup Guys members receive discounts on Spring Break Trips to the Caribbean, Mexico or Amsterdam. The winner of the WLFCT Survivor Tournament will win a cruise to the Bahamas on the World Famous Rock Boat (www.rockboat.com).

Teams can register for all of these tournaments at www.FlipCupGuys.com. Flip Cup Guys will expand their Flip Cup empire to Philadelphia, Boston, and other cities in late 2008.


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