2007 Fetzer Gewürztraminer

fetzer-gewurzGewürztraminer, one of my favorite wine varieties. It’s slightly spicey, hence the gewürtz terminology which is German for “spicy” and traminer a family of grape varieties similar if not the same as Savagnin. I’ve found very complex Gewürztraminer wines, although I can’t say Fetzer is one of the more complicated I’ve had.

But, it’s a cheap well crafted white wine and that’s hard to beat. You can buy it almost anywhere, hell, Wal-Mart carries the label. For anywhere from $9.99 to $11.99 you can get you hands on this light bodied sweeter gewürtz with citrus and apricot flavors.

The presentation is light gold in color and very clear. The nose radiates thick sweet and ripe apricots with a slight orange and lemon twist. The sweetness on the bouquet really overcasts any other fruits that may be hidden in the liquid. The sweetness is pleasant so I’m not to upset that it lacked any other qualities.

Tasting the California Fetzer Gewürztraminer was not too different than the nose, with a slightly fruity mid-palate transition and a sweet acidic finish with spicy apples. The acids in this wine are intense and hold your attention long after the wine has left your mouth. The acids make your mouth water for food, the Fetzer Gewürztraminer is a great addiction to a spicy meal. I’ve had it with a Teriyaki stir fry which make the meal even more enjoyable with the new dynamics.

If you’re looking for a new experience I highly suggest a gewürztraminer; if you’re afraid to spend too much money to experiment with the grape varietal then you should pickup a bottle of Fetzer and give it a try.


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