Don Pilar Añejo Tequila Review

don-pilar-anejoThis week I’m working on the Añejo style tequila again because sipping tequila brings me great happiness. Don Pilar Añejo is a stylish looking liquid with a bright gold/copper color with seductive clarity. The scent on the pour was very subtle and hard to note at first, many añejo tequila’s I’ve had the opportunity to taste had a very potent nose from the pour to the raising of the glass.

However, the low level of flavor profile upon the pour isn’t where the bouquet ends. Getting closer to the glass and bringing my nose up to appreciate its flavors allows the spirit to show off its true nature. I immediately caught a unique sweet coconut profile wrapped in a dry chocolate mingling with sea salt. The scents are light and subtle which makes me take a bit more time to appreciate the nose; I love taking the time to search out mysterious scents in a spirit like this so I had fun working up the flavors in my mind.

While the subtle smells give rise to great flavors and complexities, it was time to take a first and second sip. My initial impression is warm and smooth with great texture and thickness while still maintaining a potent punch. The mid-palate transition was very spicy, a black pepper with subtle sweetness. The finish was long and flavorful giving rise to fresh organic tasting agave with a return of the spicy black pepper finish.

Overall, the experience of Don Pilar Añejo was enjoyable as it brought a nice complexity without overdoing the flavors. The liquid was well balanced, mature in viscosity and age with great color and the addition of coconut in the scent was something I’d not experienced in an Añejo tequila prior to the review.

I found places to purchase Don Pilar Añejo online for USD $40.00 which is a very competitive price for a quality añejo with a fun flavor profile.

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