Six Holiday Gifts For Beer Drinkers

Glass Beer SteinIf you’ve got a loved one that takes a fancy to beers you’ll want to find them a beer related present this holiday season. Let’s assume you’ll spend $25.00 to $50.00 on your gift this holiday and you know their into beers of all shapes and sizes.

First idea, a beer stein. If they’re into micro-brew beer, European beers or you just want to get crazy, try a beer stein. These are large beer tankard (mug) with decorative artwork drawn on them, usually made of porcelain, glass, stoneware or other earthen material. You can also find them in pewter, wood and steel if you look hard enough.

They often have hinged lids and a thumb lift lever, very classy and traditional. Your beer lover may never drink from it if they cherish it too much but, in the end, you did your job. My father has a few and he takes them out for the holidays to drink from or just to show off to his guests. Problem solved.

Second idea, a standard set of beer glasses. No, not just any old glass that you can get at Sears or Target but a classy looking glass perhaps for a specific type of beer. A wheat beer glass is typically tall and tin at the bottom with a fat top to hold the frosty cap. It is designed as such to allow room for the foam and a wider surface area for the beer to breath, which is good for a wheat beer.

You may just go out and buy a pretty set of four to eight beer glasses as well. A single beautiful glass will work wonders but a set of them allows your beverage drinking friend to have guests over and socialize while drinking (which is typical, right?)

Third on the list, a custom engraved bottle cap opener. There is a great chance you’re gift receiver has a bottle cap opener already so go out to find something crazy, unique and classy. If you’re beer drinker often drinks a mass market brew like Budweiser or Coors you may skip this option as they usually arrive with twist-off caps.

You can get bottle openers that install on the wall too, those are always handy to put near the trash can or in a commonly used area so the drinkers can gather and chat while cracking open a brewsky. Remember, we’re looking for something unique and different, perhaps a signature model (my father has a Coka-Cola cap opener from the 50’s) or something with their name engraved on it.

Remember, you can pretty much get custom engravings on any metal objects on the Internet so go hog wild. Just don’t forget that engraving takes time so this isn’t a last minute gift option. Do it now!

Fourth option, albeit a bit more costly, would be to get them a beer refrigerator. Something that can hold at least a few six-packs would be great, help leave room in the real fridge for perishables and allow them to tuck it away near the couch or in the basement near a Foosball table or whatnot. Something small enough to hide away and not consume too much additional electricity.

Fifth on the list, a personalized beer cozy. What the heck is that? It’s like a rubber sweater to keep your beer at the right temperature: chilly. You’re not looking for a freezer pack, just something to keep the temperature of the beer regulated so your beer drinking buddy can carry it out on hot days or around the house to keep their beer happy. Remember, The fastest way to a mans heart is through his cozy. There are plenty of places to get personalized cozy’s online so hunt around for the best price and quality.

Sixth beer gift idea? BEER. This is hard to screw up if you know what they’re drinking right now. Even a mass market beer drinker that consumes Coors Light can always use more Coors Light. However, you really want to get extreme in these situations if you know the gift receiver well. Handing your dad a twelve pack of Coors seems like an easy idea but … it’s a twelve pack… try to do something a bit different, maybe double or triple the quantity!

If you’re beer drinker is into a micro-brew you can get a bit more creative. A “Season Pack” or “Variety Pack” usually contains three to six unique beers in a 12-pack form. Shipyard, JW Dundee’s and many other breweries have packs that you can buy with an assortment of flavors. Or, kick it up a notch and buy them four packs of Sam Smith (that’s sixteen expensive beers in total) or another top shelf beer. Nothing says love like a top shelf beer selection for the holidays.

For mid-twenties beer drinkers I highly suggest hitting up a Spencer’s gift shop or other odd-ball store which carries crazy (often explicit) T-Shirts. Get them a couple shirts that say something about beer drinking or partying, toss them a six-pack of their favorite brew and a baseball cap and you’ve got a recipe for great times ahead.

Whatever you get, they’re sure to enjoy it because beer drinkers are usually easy to satisfy when you buy them beer products! Especially if you give it to them after they’ve had a few.


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