Stone Mill Pale Ale, An Organic Ale

Stone Mill Pale AleA refreshing pale ale, one of the most wide spread beer styles on the planet. How is Stone Mill Pale Ale differentiate itself against all other brands? It’s certified by the USDA as using 100% organic hops in the recipe.

The big thing, lately, is to have “organic” in the name because it helps to sell to those that are against the use of chemicals and pesticides. USDA organic also means “the process” of which the farmer grows their products, in this case, hops. Sales records must be in order, periodic on-site inspections will be a typical issue and all certified products are separated from those that are not certified.

What does that mean to you as the drinker? You’ll be given a quality brew with a history of great taste based on how the ingredients were grown. Everything tastes better when it’s grown in the “old fashion” way with the added bonus of a trusted audit trail.

Not only will earth-loving folks be happy with the history of certified hops, barley, yeast and water but we’re looking at a 5.5% alcohol by volume beverage in a 150 calorie bottle. The taste is fresh and relaxing with a mild carbination and malty flavor.

Unlike our last review of JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale, Stone Mill is a bit more bitter to the pallet but not bitter enough to be a turn off to a new drinker. Hallertau, a noble hop, and Cascade hops are the main ingredients for the Stone Mill Pale Ale recipe which bring out some of the aroma.

This pale ale is a bit more refreshing and kicks it up a notch with a slight bite to the tongue. A great beverage for those organically inclined to drink and you’ll know you’re getting a good certified set of ingredients.

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    November 13, 2007 at 11:34 pm

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