El Gran Jubileo Tequila Blanco Review

Tequila arrives at my doorstep like a moth to flame and I just cannot resist reviewing it. Okay, that is sorta what we do here so it only make sense to sit down and review up El Gran Jubileo 100% de Blue Agave Blanco. I received a little product documentation to align my ideas of what this blanco will be all about.  The documentation says this blanco is “deliberately simple and not overly complex. Its focus is placed squarely on the agave and its incredible and unique flavor.”

Based on the “deliberately simple” description, I’m fairly impressed with El Gran Jubileo Blanco’s nose because it smells of white pepper and pineapple. Dipping my nose in deeper reveals a fairly intense alcoholic burn, this blanco is definitely showing its purity as its not aged long enough or in any wood to assist it in adopting caramel or sweeter flavors. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a silver style tequila: true agave.

Initial tasting brings me something you just don’t always get in a silver tequila: fire and spice. The mouth-feel is very smooth and the black pepper starts early on the palate and climbs its way down your tongue. Of course, wrapped in this black pepper are the warm agave notes with tickles of fiery alcohols. I love the smoothness in the liquid and the spicy attack really makes me yearn for some flavorful salsa, sour cream and salty nachos. Definitely some salty nachos.

The finish is crisp and lasts about thirty seconds–not too long. However, the spicy lingering lasts just long enough to appreciate it without being overbearing. I’m left with essences of ripe pineapple skins and black pepper but nothing overly spicy.

Overall, El Gran Jubileo is not a weak little tequila. We’re talking about a brand that is going to wake you up fast and hit you in the face with hits spicy power and big agave flavors. Is it simple and not overly complex? Probably. You’re not getting too much outside of the spice and agave but that’s really the story a blanco tequila should be telling anyway.

The best part? A suggested retail price of USD $31.99, imported by Central Texas Spirits. You can find some fairly good blanco tequila’s between USD $24 and USD $40 in the United States but this tequila shoots more for the low cost spirit with a black pepper punch.


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