Teremana Tequila Review (Blanco and Reposado)

Today we’ll take a look at Teremana Tequila and give it a review. We bought this with our own money, nobody paid us to say anything–but we do love The Rock and Derrick’s a big old school wrestling fan.

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So, lesson first–don’t put your tequila in the freezer or the refrigerate your tequila. Now that we have that under control, we’ll give The Rock’s signature tequila a tasting, both the Teremana Blanco and Teremana Resposado and Derrick struggles with being a Tequila lover and a The Rock lover so there is some conflict of interest.

Derrick is an old school WWF “Attitude Era” wrestling fan including Mr. Perfect. But, how does Teremana taste in comparison to our expectations of a blanco and reposado tequila? Turns out the product is competitive near the cost mark, although this is about $10 too pricy for the taste we expect to pay the additional money because of the signature on the back.

That being said, is it a sipper? Probably if you’re into sipping, but someone that sips tequila may already have a slightly more higher end alternative. It does work in a margarita, we’ve proven that…but it didn’t turn out to be the most fabulous of margarita’s by comparison to others at the price point (or lower). Watch that video here https://youtu.be/Fp0DYjH-F24

All said, Teremana is about $10 too costly for the flavor profile and doesn’t beat (in a blind) margarita’s using similar product. It’s still a fun tasting experience, although a bit sweeter on the palate than some (the reposado hides some of that with the slightly more rested product). Overall, I’d give it a try, but you probably will buy it once before going back to your old standby (or Lunazul).

Video Table of Contents
0:00 Teremana Tequila Review Introduction
1:00 Product description & fawning on The Rock
3:00 Celebrity Endorsed Products… thoughts.
4:00 The methods of cooking agave (cook, autoclave, diffuser)
5:30 Tasting notes opinion
6:35 Would you sip on this?
7:30 Is it priced right?
7:50 Don’t put alcohol in the freezer, ROCK.
11:00 Would you buy this at the current price?

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