How To Make The Colombian KGB / Coffee Cocktail

Today we’ll show you how to make the Colombian KGB, this is a drink that came up on our live stream and we figured we’d make it with the spare coffee we had!

The ingredients are simple, coffee plus equal parts coffee liqueur, Irish cream and Galliano. Which, of course, means we have one more use for Galliano. And, we don’t need sugar because…all those other things.

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Outside of a harvey wallbanger, finding use for Galliano is rare, this helps give you a reason to buy that big ass bottle. Of course, use your favorite coffee liqueur and Irish cream as we tried to mix it up with some new stuff and some old stuff.

The Colombian KGB
– 1 oz kahlua
– 1 oz irish cream
– 1 oz galliano
– 8 oz coffee

Video Index
0:00 Introduction
0:59 Recipe breakdown
1:20 Money shot
2:05 Tasting notes
4:12 Galliano Bottle Rant
5:10 A bit about the Golden Cadillac
6:05 Our store

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