How to Shake a Cocktail using a Boston Shaker | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

Today we’re going to show you how to shake a cocktail using a Boston Shaker. It’s not complicated, but so many folks are confused or intimidated. Let’s fix that. See more tips at

The Professional Boston Shaker Kit:

Here is our go-to Daiquiri recipe, slightly different:

Good notes:
* Pour your cheapest ingredients first
* Use fresh citrus (like limes)
* Don’t smash your shaker shut, it only takes a light tap
* The chill down will help seal the boston shaker shaker

You don’t have to use a professional Boston Shaker like we do, any Boston Shaker will work for this tutorial. However, you will find a Boston Shaker creates a great seal and is easier to pull apart than a standard 3 piece cobbler shaker.

Video Timeline
0:00 Introduction
0:30 The Cobbler Shaker
0:43 Making a Daiquiri with our Boston Shaker
1:10 The rum selection – Havana Club
1:31 How to seal a Boston Shaker
2:12 The vacuum effect of shaking
2:28 The Tap to open

So there you go, our Boston Shaker Tutorial! Want to see more!? Drop us a comment.

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