How To Make The Home For The Holidays / Christmas Cocktail?

For Christmas we’ll show you how to make the home for the holidays cocktail, this Christmas cocktail comes in super dry. If you need a dry celebration cocktail and don’t mind the lack of sugar, the home for the holidays might be a drink to give a try. For us, it’s a bit bone dry.

Angostura Bitters? All bitters?

Home for the Holidays Cocktail
– 2 oz gin
– 0.75 oz fresh lemon juice
– 0.75 oz cranberry juice
– 4 dashes angostura bitters
– egg white

Dry shake that sucker and strain it into a chilled coupe. Did we mention this drink is bone dry? The egg white does not make that any less intense, you get citrus and gin flavors with a bit of holiday spice all in a dry cocktail sensation.

Not too unlike a dry champagne… no, we think a champagne is eve more wet than this cocktail comes out in the end. Cranberry juice is tart, of course, and lemon juice is sour, of course, with a couple of ounces of dry gin you get what you get: dry.

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