How To Make The AMF / Blue Motorcycle

Today we’re going to show you how to make the AMF aka the Adios MotherF*cker, aka The Blue Motorcycle. This is a long island iced tea variation that adds more body and substance to an otherwise too boozy drink.

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There is no doubt the AMF recipe is designed with the younger college crowd in mind… vulgar name, insane amount of ingredient lists, and hidden potency. While we’re typically beyond the need for stupid cocktails with a lot of sweet, a lot of potency and a lot of bad decision making, this cocktail still works well for us. It may be due to the fact that it’s trying to balance itself out with light carbonation, an acidic backbone and 2.5 oz of spirit — which isn’t too bad in the end.

The AMF / Adios Motherf*cker / Blue Motorcycle
– ½ oz. (15ml) vodka
– ½ oz. (15ml) rum
– ½ oz. (15ml) tequila
– ½ oz. (15ml) gin
– ½ oz. (15ml) blue curacao
– 2 oz. (60ml) sweet & sour mix
– 2 oz. (60ml) lemon lime soda

Get yourself into the AMF, or suit up for the Blue Motorcycle, whatever you want to call this drink it does remain at the top of our list in terms of Long Island Iced Tea variations. A worthwhile exploration.

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