Gin & Tonic: Four Cocktails with Four Gin Brands

Today we’re going to make a gin & tonic, and we’re going to do it four times with four brands of gin: Bombay Sapphire, Ransom Old Tom Gin, New Amsterdam Gin, and Brockman’s Gin. The recipe

The idea here is to give a wide variety of flavor profiles based on London Dry Gin, American Gin, an Old Tom style as well as a more berry-forward gin like Brockmans.

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We’ll have a bit more gin-forward recipe, as we’re only using 4.5 ounces of tonic (using Q Tonic).

Gin & Tonic
2 oz Gin
4.5 oz Tonic

We’ve done a tonic deconstruction in the past using different tonic brands, you can check that video out here: – That deconstruction breaks apart the tonic to see how it influences the drink, this time we’ll do the gin itself to see how it changes the flavor profile of a gin & tonic recipe.

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