Miramar Rakia Modern Brandy Review

Today we’ll do a little review of Miramar Rakia, listed as a Modern Brandy. It’s a clear brandy with different unique flavor from other brandy’s we have had.

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Rakia means “fruit spirit”, usually around 40% ABV, much like a standard brandy but Miramar is a Bulgarian brandy. Miramar says Rakia “has a great history. Bulgarian archaeologists discovered a fragment from a Rakia distillation vessel that dates all the way back to the 11th century, proving that Bulgaria was the birthplace of Rakia. However, It was in 1382 that others outside Bulgaria learned about this powerful beverage. In that year the Ottomans were busy trying to conquer Bulgaria. It was during their siege of Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital) that their witness to the magic of Rakia was recorded.”

You definitely get some floral notes form this brandy, which is abnormal (since it doesn’t seem to be rested in oak for awhile) but the nose definitely has a bit of malty “moonshine” like notes to it. Interesting product, we’ll see what we can do with it for cocktails next!

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