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Port O Pong Beer Pong Table Review Nothing says “you’re a great friend” like a beer pong table. Okay, sorry, always wanted to say that so there it goes. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a beer pong table that you can take along with friends, there are a few to select from but I’ve only found one that doubles as a toy for the pool: portOpong. That’s correct, a portable and inflatable beer pong table with built-in cup holders to keep your beer pong cups stable during rough game play… waves. The table is fairly long in size at six feet and is designed to hold up to a 20 oz. cup, I tested it with my ReRack cups and they fit very snug–almost didn’t fit but you can get them in without too much pressure. It took approximately four minutes to inflate for the first time using a very low-end basic air pump I purchased at Wal-Mart. Yes, you’ll want to have a pump handy because this is a thick durable inflatable material and not even all my hot air will fill this product. They’ve thought of everything, it’s heavy enough to take some incoming damage from crazy beer pong players and contains an additional beer pong cup hold off to the side of the “game board” for rinsing the ping pong ball. You can hang your portOpong from a tree or tent using the rings (grommets) built into the side of the material, so you can take it camping with you as well. You can buy a variety of colors such as pink ones or white ones if you’re not into the blue portOpong I’m reviewing.

Buying Ambien Online Safe As for practicality? If you’re in the market for a beer pong table or a gift for someone hitting 21 (or any age above that!) then practicality really isn’t part of the equation. Of course, it deflates for easy storage so you won’t have to work hard to find a place to put it during the off-season. I’m really looking forward to using it at some parties at a friends house during the summer months if they don’t mind a little spilled beer in the pool!

The portOpong will cost you $49.99 at regular price at I see a sale going on right now at for $44.99 if you’re looking to save a little green and have a special someone that needs a portable pong table. Of course, you can always treat yourself to one if you’re a big beer pong player.

The only major downfall is the powered air pump that you’ll have to buy separately. However, given the fact that this would raise the cost of the product when many people already own such pumps makes it a very small issue. You can also try saving money by buying lower-end models as I did.

I imagine you can also use the portOpong to save your bacon in case of a water landing, with plenty of beer to keep your thirst quenched while you wait for help to arrive! I kid…

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