Beer Pong Cups? Indeed! ReRack Cups.

It’s amazing how many people on the Internet search for beer pong articles and howto’s when it comes to playing beer pong. Since posting our original editorial we’ve had many people visit the page to read up on its lusciously creative content (I embellish for sure).

Now, we find a group of people creating a specific beer pong cup known as ReRack Cups. They’re intent is to build an eco-friendly game of beruit (beer pong) by allowing the reuse of the cups. Granted, Solo cups can be reused as well, but they offer many barriers to re-use.

Your buddies finish a beer pong game and take one or two cups that still had some beer left to “finish it off” and leave you with an odd number of cups. No game is complete with missing cups and it’s hard to walk off with a ReRack Cup without looking like “that guy.” People don’t have a problem walking off with a standard red cup but walk away with game pieces and it’s your head on a stake!

Secondly, the cups offer fun logos and measurements so you can be sure everyone has filled their beer cups to the correct level. With a few levels you can pick and choose your “game speed” or set the level for more potent, and stupid, beverages (not recommended, or you may be “that guy” but the end of the party).

Creative ideas with all the hard work coming out of the minds of students, the blessed youth who shall eventually run our country, logos and designs are done by those same diligent workers. Amazing.

These may also make great gifts for friends going to college or whom are currently in college and enjoy a good party. It would definitely get folks talking and make you look like a pro beer pong player.

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    October 22, 2009 at 1:03 am

    They play mostly the same, too. Actually, you can buy a blue version of what it looks like they used at any Dollar Tree for 3 for $1. They are actually just a teensie bit bigger than solo cups (they look HUUUGE at first, though), and, since they are more stable, they make balls bounce off of them a bit more. I would say, overall, they are just a tiny bit more difficult to make, but almost the same.

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    February 11, 2010 at 3:10 am

    […] is fairly long in size at six feet and is designed to hold up to a 20 oz. cup, I tested it with my ReRack cups and they fit very snug–almost didn’t fit but you can get them in without too much […]

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