Tanteo Tropical Tequila

tanteo-tropicalThis is the third review in the three-part infused series that is Tanteo Tequila. We’ve covered Jalapeño and Chocolate infused tequila’s and now we’re slipping into the tropics with Tanteo Tropical Tequila.

Using the Perfect Margarita Recipe used in the last two review, we’re once again creating a margarita with infused tequila. However, this Tequila is different than the last two, instead of a more heated jalapeño taste (even in the chocolate infusion with less heat and more organic taste), this is a sweet tropical blend of the islands. This is a Hawaiian margarita with sweet mango’s and melons with smooth tequila flavors and the scents of the tropics.

Smelling this tequila gives you a sense of blue skies and white sands, the taste is like a vacation on the beaches of Mexico. This is, by far, the best of the Tanteo tequila’s because it adds a new sweetness and tropical notes to an otherwise typical margarita. Tanteo‘s Tropical tequila balances the sourness of the lime and blends perfectly with a sweet agave nectar used in our recipe. The aftertaste is slightly organic, almost like there is a bit of the soils and leaves in the infusion.

If you want something unique and different yet flavorful and relaxing, mix your next margarita with Tanteo Tropical Tequila.

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