Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

tanteo-jalapenoThe end of last year brought us some hot new infused Tequilas courtesy of Tanteo 100% de Agave Tequila. An ultra-premium infused tequila branding launching with three flavors: Chocolate, Jalapeño and Tropical. Since then we’ve created our first margarita with Tanteo Chocolate and reviewed it, now we’re moving onto the second chapter in this story: Jalapeño.

Using the Perfect Margarita Recipe used in the last review, we baseline the Jalapeño version of the margarita against its chocolate infused counterpart. The Jalapeño infused flavor takes on a life of their own once mixed in a nice margarita glass. You will not mistake this tequila when compared to anything else you’ve tried, the margarita clearly smells of potent Jalapeño pepper mixed with the flavors of lime and all the rest of our margarita ingredients.

Much like the chocolate infused Tanteo, I was slightly worried about the taste based on the strong smell of peppers but I was more relaxed knowing how well the blanco tequila worked in my first drink. Initially it tastes like a smooth margarita with hints of Jalapeño’s until the finish; this is when you’re palate is tickled with spice.

Imagine chewing on a Jalapeño without the pain and torture of the seeds and oils but all the pleasure of the spice and heat. The finish remains for ten to twenty seconds but never exceeds a mild heat on the back of the throat. Each sip yields the same results but never overdoing it and never weakening.

The Tanteo infusion must have taken months to perfect as it is not too hot yet not too dull. Tanteo Jalapeño infused blanco tequila will spice up your life and take a normal margarita to a whole new level. I’m imagining a Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita would go great with a burrito, enchilada and/or salty tortilla chips.

If you’re planning on a great mexican feast, plan on giving Tanteo Jalapeño a try when serving margaritas.

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