ABV 43: Raspberry Liqueur Tasting/Review

Again, I appologize ahead for the audio quality, this time the wrong mic was used to record the show and that mic was too far away from the table. Today we’re tasting a couple raspberry liqueur/schnapps in a 3-bottle tasting/review. We’ve got Chateau Monet, Chambord and Raspberry di Amore all at slightly different price points.


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    September 15, 2011 at 4:22 am

    I would love to see a review comparing different cheaper schnapps brands (Bols, Dekuyper, Hiram Walker, etc.) perhaps picking one or two flavours to compare against each other. I realise they are cheap and lack subtly and such but I often find myself in need of say a peach schnapps or a sloe gin and I end up staring blankly in the corner of the liquor store, unable to decide between them. Also I think it might be interesting to see if some brands actually do have some depth of flavour when compared directly to another that might just be sweet.

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