Samuel Adams Honey Porter Brewmaster’s Collection And we’re back on the brewmaster’s collection with yet another uniquely crafted Samuel Adams brew. Honey Porter pours a rich dark brownish red, a bit opaque compared to a stout or standard porters. The coloring looks like sleek brown silk reflecting in the light, very sexy.

The head is constant and fairly white which resides throughout the life of this Honey Porter. Initially, I expected a sweet honey scent from the beer but received something resembling milk chocolate with hints of smokey coffee beans.

Buy Ambien Online Mastercard This beer hits the tongue’s sweet buds first but it doesn’t really give you a sense of “honey.” The sweetness is more of a chocolate malty powerhouse over an overly saturated honey taste — I loved it. At first, there was a slight fear this honey was going to add an overwhelming sweet taste. This Honey Porter is less honey and more porter but the sweetness gives you the correct impressions with a smooth honey-like texture. As the sweetness passes a hint of hops arises on the mid-pallet and finishes with a chocolate malt aftertaste. A well balanced brew which touches on all of the senses of the mouth and leave you with a medium length aftertaste of roasted coffee-like malts. As you sip the lacing slowly crawls down the glass and the carbination remains consistent throughout the drinks lifetime (depending on how fast you drink of course). This is a medium bodied smooth and silky taste, not as creamy as a cream stout or a Guinness. Like many of the brewmaster’s collection, I wouldn’t suggest a Honey Porter to a new beer drinker. There are many complex tastes in this porter, much of which may not be ready for a new drinker. Although the beer isn’t overly hoped nor is it overly malts, a lighter beer would probably be the best best for a new drinker. For those with a great respect for a well balanced brew will like Samuel Adam’s Honey Porter.

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Cheapest Ambien Online If you’re looking to improve you pallet and get a sense for many styles of beer, Honey Porter is a must try.

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