Republic Tequila – Organic Reposado Tequila

Republic Tequila Reposado is an organic tequila made with 100% Blue Agave. We’re tasting it only days after reviewing the Republic Tequila Plata to see how the more mature product compares to its sibling and how it holds up to our expectations of “Reposado” (rested) tequila.  The Republic Tequila Reposado begins its life as a plata which is then aged in American oak barrels for eight months to become what we see as the the reposado.

The scents of this reposado begins fairly sweet like a brown sugar with a nice light yellowish golden coloring. Nosing the glass once again brings a warm sweet oak mixed with freshly cut pineapples and a sprinkle of spicy white pepper. The tail end of the nose has hints of lime peel.

Moving on to a tasting, I’m getting a very nicely rounded mouth-feel that remains smooth and medium body throughout the the experience. Over the smoothness I’m getting ripe pineapple skin, notes of vanilla and light caramel. While Republic Tequila Reposado has many great flavors, it starts its life on your tongue in a sweeter attack; the brown sugar working its way into the flavor which transitions into a spicy white pepper and ends with a buttery oak that teases of a middle aged bourbon.

Each sip grows in complexity and flavor. The finish lasts a few long minutes and brings a nice spicy heat that yearns for a second sip. In comparison to the little sister Plata, this style has a very gratifying finish that carries on and remains flavorful throughout. Overall, the reposado is a much more full flavored sipping tequila where the Plata hints at such flavors but cannot hold up against its older sibling.

Republic Tequila Reposado is a rich experience from start to finish with absolutely no disappointment in any of its flavors. Expect to find this tequila for around USD $42 to USD $46 dollars at retail and it’s a true steal. Finding a bottle of this reposado on the shelf for that cost will feel like a crime when you realize what you’ve got for your money.  It continues to grow new flavors as you sip. This tequila gives you a crisp new experience over and over. Before finishing my tasting notes I found my vessel empty all while thinking to myself, “just one more glass?”


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    Chaad Newnet
    April 13, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Was it the peel of a Persian or Key lime ?

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