Republic Tequila – Organic Plata (Silver) Tequila republic-tequilaMy curiosity is peaked, I’ve got in my hand one of the only Mexican Certified Organic 100% Blue Agave Tequila’s in the market today. Republic Tequila has released a great bottle design to their “Organic Plata” tequila which is molded to look like the state of Texas. However, the bottle design isn’t huge, overdone or a big shelf eyesore, it’s fairly small in stature and looks more like a shelf decoration than a bottle of tequila. As a matter of fact, you may consider filling this bottle with a nice dyed blue or red water or some of that cool colored sand and reusing its crafted construction.

Ambien Online Next Day Delivery Decoration or not, this bottle contains a crystal clear unaged Tequila often times called Silver, White or Plata and I plan to waste no more time admiring the bottle design. After all, it’s what’s in the bottle that counts not the design itself, right? First, I nose the glass to see what I’m working with in this plata. Republic Tequila definitely brings a sweet smelling aroma with hints of citrus and pineapple. The citrus reminds me, most closely, of a lime which is balanced well against the sweeter pineapple flavoring. The tail end of the scent reminds me of a fine caramel candy and leaves a slight burn to the nose when I take a deep breath over the glass.

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The taste of Republic Tequila Plata reflects that of its aroma with a spicy yet sweet pineapple attack followed by a bold lime/citrus mid-palate and ending with a pretty caramel flavoring. The liquid is thick, smooth and feels more mature than the plata leads us to believe with its clear coloring. Republic Tequila says their plata is left to rest for three to five days before bottling but it sure feels like more than a few days. The finish is crisp and clean, leaving a slight sweet aftertaste and no actual burn on the tongue, just a bit of “fire” in the nasal passages. The 40% ABV is well hidden with the flavors on the attack and mid-palate and the finish wipes away clean and clear. If there is any fault to this tequila it’s going to be in the length of a finish. I’m sipping this neat in a glass so I should get full potent burn and unadulterated flavors and those flavors tend to fade away in under twenty seconds leaving me with very little else. I would have loved for the finish to match the exciting start.

Cheapest Ambien Online Overall, I think the first two quarters of this beverage are spot on stellar but the ending is a bit fast. Imagine watching the most explosive action movie in full surround sound but having a fairly low-key ending; perhaps there is too much sweet action in the tequila and it slightly off balances the finish. In a cocktail, you’ll probably find it brings great sweetness to those drinks with pineapple or citrus and juices while also bringing a thick body that’s hard to beat.

Ambien Purchase Online The cost of the Republic Tequila Organic Plata is around USD $46 to USD $50 and I highly suggest you seek this out and tell me what you think of the flavor profile. This tequila brings a wild ride of sweet essence and, even if the finish is a bit fast, you’ll enjoy re-taking that wild ride over and over again with each sip.

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