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awesome-drinksThere is a large lack of quality websites that carry drinkware for the spirit imbiber in all of us. We’re constantly looking for great quality products for a good price. You’ll have no problem drilling through product search engine after product search engine finding the same ol’ websites carrying the same boring accessories, glasses and bartender needs. That all changes today. has launched a new site which is easy to navigate, trustworthy when purchasing, quick delivery, but most of all — quality products. We’re talking heavy glasses, not plastic Wal*Mart end of season specials here, products that you can feel proud to bring out when friends arrive to party. We loved them so much, we’ve been using their collins glasses on EverydayDrinker.TV for a few months now. Now, our glassware matches the quality of our video and audio!

Read on for full press release details.

In a cocktail shaker add equal portions of iPhone and barware. Shake vigorously with mini ice cubes, then pour into a collins glass. What do get? The newly released, iPhone-inspired drinkware and barware website,

Those who have used an iPhone will instantly recognize the rounded edges and shiny, touchable buttons. But don’t go poking your computer screen, all the eye candy still requires a mouse click. Forget about swiping too.

Web browsers don’t understand the language of gestures now common on touch screen devices and lap top trackpads. AwesomeDrinks instead relies on the traditional web navigation of clicking links and images. In this case, clicking a glassware button takes the user to a new screen of cocktail glassware. “Pressing” one of the glassware buttons, such as the collins glass button takes the user to the collins glass page.

You’ll see another iPhone-inspired convention on the product pages. On the iPhone, when you get new e-mail it puts a red circle with a number in it in the corner of the eMail button indicating the number of new emails you have. On AwesomeDrinks product pages like the Tiki Mug page this same red circle in the corner of the button is used to indicate the number of tiki mugs the shopper is about to add to their shopping cart.

The website even goes a step further and sports a hover effect that hasn’t been seen yet on the iPhone. When the user hovers the mouse over one of the add to cart buttons the border of the button gently throbs.

Cocktails are always a mix of this and a dash of that. They’re both familiar and different at the same time. The new AwesomeDrinks website follows in that tradition of being both familiar and different all at once.


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    April 10, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Very cool drinkware. I fully agree that there is a serious lack of quality suppliers for drinkware that have a style deviant from all of the other companies. Awesome post and products.

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