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Michael Collins Dublin Apple Recipe [video]

This week begins with the Michael Collins Dublin Apple, a recipe I found in the Michael Collins recipe book and it sounded tasty. I was intrigued by the whiskey and sour apple ingredients being mixed together and wanted to know if it really could work: it can.

This brings a new flavor to the standard whiskey style cocktails such as the manhattan without being over-the-top.


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    August 7, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    This is everything Derrick had said it would be. For those of you who are considering this cocktail: if you like Irish whiskey and sour apple schnapps, this is a must-try. This will also appeal to those who are curious about whiskey cocktails but don’t care for the stereotypical ‘throatburn’ that whiskey tends to create. Derrick’s right: the cranberry seems to counteract the burn factor. And seeing as how the ingredients are fairly easy to remember – Irish whiskey, cranberry juice and sour apple schnapps – this is a good cocktail to have when you’re out with friends who may be impressed with your ability to order a good drink seemingly out of thin air.

    Thanks for the drink, Derrick!

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      Derrick Schommer
      August 7, 2009 at 11:00 pm

      Awesome!! So glad you liked it, it brings out the oak in a smooth and creamy way. As long as you don’t mistake it for a super sweet drink, you’ll be okay. At one point after the recording I picked it up thinking it was a different cocktail (I had three in front of me after recording) and thought it was one of the sweeter drinks and got hit with the whiskey. 🙂

      It’s sorta like when you take a sip of milk and find it’s orange juice. Sure, you may like orange juice, but when your brain expected milk it was quite a surprise.

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