It’s Damn Hot, Summer Hot, Pucker Up!

Apple Sour DeKuypersAs Spring carries on the weather gets warmer and warmer and it becomes high time to pull out some Hawaiian beverages. You may be the guy that loves to suckle sweet drinks from the head of a Tiki God or you might single handedly tackle a scorpion bowl or mine through a Mai Tai, in all cases you’re ready for the weather changes.

It’s time to join the Pucker Party! You may want to keep a bottle of DeKuyper’s liqueurs handy this summer to mix some of the most fancy, sweet and colorful drinks on the planet. They’ve been around for over 300 years making crazy drinks from herbs, seeds, citrus peel, fruit and many others. DeKuyper’s has two methods of producing their colorful beverages, they may put the dried fruit into alcohol to let it absorb the natural flavors of the fruit or they may distill the products down themselves much like Triple Sec which is made of orange peels.

After the flavors are extracted, the products are prepared according to both new and ancient recipes. Various ingredients are added and may include brandy, herb and spice distillates and sugar. At this stage of the process, the mixture must sit for another several weeks to allow for the flavors to marry and develop into the finished product. (dekuypersusa.com)

The only issues we’ve seen with Schnapps and Puckers is how our stomach feels in the morning. Drinking one or two beers allows one to wakeup fresh and ready to hit the day while a few too many Pucker drinks and we’re dragging our asses out of bed with a splitting headache and an indescribable urge for water.

There is no doubt, a cold sweet drink on a hot summer day is hard to deny. My favorite is the Mai Tai, which may lack the DeKuyper’s in ingredients but mimics it in sweet taste. DeKuyper’s has a few unique Pucker Flavors: Strawberry, Sour Apple and Watermelon, Mmmm. DeKuyper’s suggests mixing Strawberry Pucker and Vodka on Ice for a refreshing drink or Chilled Vodka, Triple Sec and Sour Apple for a great Appletini.



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