Silver Patron: Tequila 100% de Agave

When it comes to Tequila it’s important to taste the products across the industry, it’s only fair to touch on Patron Silver. This is a blanco (silver), still and un-aged, with the clarity of water and the sweet taste of Tequila.

Patron covers all the important rules of tequila and agave, as we’ve spoke of in the past, but has a unique taste of its own compared to other silvers on the market. When stacked up against Cavalino Blanco it falls a bit short with a slightly more “dirty” bitter taste compared to the smoother Cavalino. Cavalino is half the cost of Patron with a better taste but… you can buy Patron Silver anywhere. Not true with Cavalino.

Sometimes finding a rare Tequila like Cavalino or Partida Blanco, regardless of cost, is a tough goal to hit. Finding a good bottle of real 100% agave Tequila, however, is a realistic goal which justifies the Patron product line. It’s better than middle-of-the-road at a fairly standard price for a good quality product and hits many expectations for the casual or experienced drinker.

Patron Silver has a bit more bite than Cavalino and lacks much of the Tequila scent but is a justifiably tasty brand. More importantly, when pitted against standard Jose Cuervo at a bar (usually of the Gold variety) you’ll see Patron wins every single time. I’ve not found a bar that doesn’t carry Patron Silver and when you request this over the sour mixto Cuervo Gold you’ll get an appreciative node from the bartend as someone that “knows their tequila.”

Most importantly, the 100% agave means you’ll not get one of those nasty sugar headaches from drinking a partial tequila which lacks 100% agave (replacing it with sugars instead.) If I had to recommend a good mass market tequila I’m going to set you up with a Patron Silver.

However, if you’re in the Texas area I highly suggest trying Cavalino. Next…margarita’s Patron style!


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