How To Make The Air Mail Cocktail | Champagne Daiquiri?

Today we’re going to show you how to make the Air Mail champagne cocktail. So good we put it in our recipe website for you (and us)

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The daiquiri is great, champagne cocktails are fun….combine them together and you’ve got the Air Mail. A recipe that everyone on the set loved, so it’s going down as a drink we’ll be building off-set a lot this year.

We try it a second time with Angostura, which apparently turns this more into an Old Cuban cocktail instead of the Air Mail. But, it doesn’t matter, this is a fantastic drink with or without angostura. We suggest trying it with different light rums, different dark rums and different brands of rum. Fun times indeed!

00:33 Love for Sam Schwartz
00:47 The recipe breakdown
2:16 The money shot
2:39 Tasting Notes & Reactions
4:50 Postal Stamp Garnish??
5:30 Making it again (with a bit of angostura too)
7:17 The second money shot
7:48 Tasting with angostura?
9:05 What types of rum to use for the Air Mail?

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