Dash, Splash, and Top: What does it mean?

What does a dash mean? What is a splash and how do you measure a top? Cocktail creation can be confusing and these “measures” do not help.

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The Dash is the easiest of our measures to quantify, because the bitter industry has already given us a definition: 1ml. The standard dash is 1ml, it’s just not often mentioned as the measure because dashers do the measuring for you.

However, there is no “splasher” or “topper”, you have to guess and guessing when you’re not quantifying is tough. The only option is to do it “by taste” or “by color” or figure out what you think the “splash” is in measures (like 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz) and just write that down and use it for all future cocktail builds.

Top can be easy if you never change your glass style. Glasses are different sizes, so topping in a large glass isn’t the same as topping in a small glass.

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:34 What is a dash?
3:21 What is a top?
5:46 What is a splash?

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